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Why Nature?

To be inspired by nature, is a great freedom. I create my own freedom, when experiencing nature in new ways.

In many years I have followed already made footsteps, which I knew would give me harmony in one way. But I have another desire more than just the harmony and that is to challenge myself, physically and mentally, to be able to experience new places that would otherwise have been impossible. By challenging my own limits, the experience can be so much stronger. Nature is always my game plan.

On this page you can read about my recent travels and discoveries. I want to share with you my own stories. There is something refreshing to be a beginner, learn something new and get to do the research and be nervous. My goal is to be as much a beginner as possible.

I hope you will find my site interesting and inspiring.
All the best



Big or small, far away or around the corner? What difference does it make as long as it feels thrilling to get outside!

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On the blog we are sharing small insights from our daily life.

First Aid Kit

I few days ago I met my dear friend Joppe from Retkinikkari. He was doing a short video for the Finnish outdoor retailer Partioaitta and asked me what [...]

Last preparations for Fjällräven Classic 2016

On Friday Fjällräven Classic will once again kick off from Nikkaloukta where more than 2000 participants will hike their way through the Kings trail (Kungsleden) towards Abisko. Being [...]

Trek talk with Johan Skullman

In only a few weeks I am once again heading towards the north of Sweden and Fjällräven Classic! I think Sweden without a doubt has two (not so [...]

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

This past weekend I have been to Fjällräven Classic Denmark, trekking 76,1 km through the beautiful landscapes of southern Fyn. This was my second year trekking the event [...]

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