9 do’s and don’ts in south Greenland

9 do’s and don’ts in south Greenland

To start with, this you just have to do:

1. In summer, be prepared for anything in between 0 to 25 degrees Celsius so make sure to bring clothes fit for any weather.

2. Make sure to enjoy the sceneries. One of the most beautiful spots is the view from Kujaleqatikasia close to Igaliku. The ice to the right, the fjords ahead, waterfalls to the left and dreamy field behind you.

3. Get hold of a fishing rod! There are plenty of fish and it’s so nice to pull out a cod and fry directly on the pan.

4. Take your time! Don’t plan your trek with a tight time frame. The trails are sometimes unpredictable depending on the vegetation and season. Also, if you plan to travel to south Greenland, don’t get too surprised if your flight can not land at the planned air field because of the fog. By experience, this can take a couple of days to sort out.

5. Enjoy the fact that there is seldom more than one sound at a time. One boat, one waterfall, one dog or one car. For me, living in a city, always surrounded by tiering noise, it’s absolutely relaxing for body and mind.

6. Bring a floral field guide. The fields are just loaded with colorful flowers and it’s fun to learn a few new plants along the way.

And this is what you should make sure not to:

1. Don’t forget the mosquito net! But if you want to avoid the annoying buzz, keep close to the sheep in the mountains, that will do it!

2. Don’t ever leave the tent in the morning without at least a pocket camera! I use a camera from the Sony RX100-series which I can really recommend. And don’t forget, bring an extra battery and memory card.

3. Don’t miss out on the old Viking settlements. There are many ruins from the Vikings that can still been seen around south Greenland and there are many buildings to be amazed by.

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