Aclima Woolshell

Aclima Woolshell

The Aclima woolshell, for all days all year around!

Lunch during Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

The Aclima woolshell is in fact just what the name implies. It’s a wool garment that is reinforced with a shell. In this case the inner part is made out of merino wool (54%) and the outer shell made of polyester and elastane (46%). This gives the clothes the advantages that comes with the wool (good insulation and transportation of moist), but with a reinforces shell. The material is very soft and flexible but still durable.

The woolshell clothes comes for both men and women and there are four types of garments, jacket, vest, tights and ¾ tights. I have tried the jacket and tights and here I would like to share some of the features I find interesting.

Soft and durable fabric which don’t peel.

The tights that has the same material construction as the jackets I have found great use of especially in three areas. Compared to the jacket, I have only used the tights for a third of the time, but still one year around to try them in all types of weather. The areas I like them especially in are cross country skiing, running in the late autumn or winter and as insulation when I go kayaking in the colder seasons, that is autumn, winter and spring here in Sweden. The waist of the tights is made of a stretchier material that also holds a pocket with zipper just below the waistline. The pocket is big enough to hold a key or small snack. On the jackets there is also a chest pocket that I use for a lot of thing. When I’m trekking, it tend to be the place for my compass. When I’m skiing it’s the place for extra snack and when I run down to my local super market it’s the place for my cards.

When I first started to use the woolshell jacket, by the name I thought this was also a wind proof jacket. It shields from the wind yes, but I would not call it wind proof.

Training cross country skiing in Bisslingen, Sweden 2018

Another thing that I do like a lot with both the jacket and tights is the flexibility. Because of the durable outer layer it can be used with other thinner wool layers under. In winter I often wear a woolnet layer underneath the woolshell if I know the intensity will be lower or if the temperature drops. But, it also works very well as base layer in itself under a more traditional shell layer for example when you go downhill skiing. The jacket has a fitted hood and thumb grip which I tend to use quite often when I go trekking as part of the temperature regulation.

All together the woolshell is a highly functional garment for all year around usage. The quality of the material is good and the activities to use it for are endless.

Approaching the mountain Kongen in Romsdal, Norway 2015.

Star qualities Room for improvements
Aclima Woolshell jacket Flexible. Wear it as it is, as a base layer or as an outer layer. Zipper in front that goes up on the side of your chin to avoid a sore chin. Comfortable! Tend to be cold in windy conditions
Aclima Woolshell pants Flexible. Wear it as it is, as a base layer or as an outer layer. Zippers from the ankles and half way up the calf makes it easy to put on. Reflective material on the zippers makes you glow in the dark. I’m a short person, but still I find the pants a bit short.

Windy and chilly along the Danish coastline, Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016.

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