Fjällräven Classic Denmark

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Fjällräven Classic Denmark –  a 75 km trekking event through the rolling landscapes of the island Fyn in Denmark.
Denmark is not really known for its mountains and steep hills, on the contrary it is in fact more known for being flat as a pancake.
Unluckily, Denmark has nor been known as a trekking destination. Yes, I can honestly say I am part of that view of the matter. When I think of trekking, and are planning for my next trekking destinations, Denmark has not really been on my list. But now I know better, much better! Trekking along the sea and through the small villages on the southern parts of Fyn, is for sure something truly amazing!

The start of this 75-km-long hike went from the port of Faldsled. As soon as I got close to the harbor a big smile and helping hand was offered from the volunteers. They immediately helped with all practical information so I could join the start and get going! The spirit among the participants in the starting area was on top and between 9.00 am and 9.45 am groups of about 100 people were sent from the start.
The first kilometer went along the coast and the picturesque village of Faldsled, but pretty soon we headed towards the fairytale like forests with a surprisingly varied terrain.
As I mentioned before I have never considered booking a trekking holiday in Denmark, maybe mostly because I never heard anyone doing it before. Poor reason I think now, because if I sum up the weekend, I got to experience nature in a totally new way. Clearly there are other things than high mountains and deep valleys that will make a beautiful hike memorable.

Danish lunch break!

The highlights were: walking along the sea just breathing the air feeling the scents of the ocean, but also walking past beautiful farms, poppy fields and not least the good spirit along the way!

We walked about 25 km each day and all stayed at the same night camps. About midway between the camps, we passed a checkpoint. For me it happened to be just perfect with a lunch break arriving to the checkpoint.
The lunches consisted of rye bread (Danish of course) with mackerel in tomato sauce and locally produced paste from liver made in Faaborg. I love the fast that the food on the event is locally produced and also gives a taste of the Danish cuisine.

The last night we slept in Egebjerg, where we in the evening gathered around a big camp fire, grilling bread on a sticks and sang Danish robber songs (or Danish popular songs, difficult to decide which).

After three days and 75 km we crossed the finish line filled with inspiration for continued hiking adventures in Denmark.

One of the camp sites

More pictures

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