There is just something cool about villages that can only be reached by train, Finse is one of them!

In Oslo I met up with some friends including the dogs Fenja and Luna. Together we took the train to Finse with our skis, sledges and a lot of good food! Our friend Mona from Norway had made us all a lunch pack a la Norway with gorgeous sandwiches in paper wrapping and a bag of snacks and juice. A little bit of love in a paper bag J So as soon as we got off the train we were good to go!

As you might know I find a great interest in building constructions and what came to my mind is that all building materials ever brought in to this village, must have been taken by train as well, simply since there are no roads for cars reaching the area. I can imagine that quality matters a great deal in this situations. No unnecessary purchases, that is a thought to hold on to!

Finse 1222

But back to this skiing adventure!

Heading off towards Hardangervidda, we had about -15 degrees C and sunshine, a perfect winter day. This was apparently also a perfect day for skiing with kites. The colourful kites were dancing in the pretty blue sky when we left Finse! For me, everything around this area is just breathing outdoor life.

January in Scandinavia is quite dark I must admit, but we managed to pitch our tents before the darkness was a fact. Later that night the temperature dropped down to -30 degrees C. It’s interesting how all materials change when they get cold, both the feeling and the sound of them. It is also in these kind of conditions you can really evaluate if you choose the right equipment.

Continuing the following morning, the temperature was still cold and the snow on the ground was super light and airy. For me that was a bit troubling since we were going quite steep up hills. I had short skins under my skis which clearly was not enough with the heavy sledge behind. But after ups comes downs, right!

Eirik and Luna

Our friend Eirik is a chef to profession, so touring with him is always an excitement because he has always something tasty up his sleeve. This time he had prepared a game stew with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. Off course this was served with red wine. Can you think of anything better than that after a challenging day on the skis?!

This area is absolutely beautiful for skiing, in any direction and even though January is very cold I would say the season will go all the way from January to May. I have heard the spring is supposed to be very nice so next time I go to Finse, it will be in spring time
There is a big hotel just by the train station and this also act like the local super market. What the hotel have in term of food or other items, that is pretty much what you can get hold of, so if you have any special preferences, bring everything you will need from home.