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The Outmeals Vårvandring (spring trek) is one of my absolute favourites during the season! About 150 people have the chance to experience this familial event with lots of interesting lectures, great trekking and off course, the beautiful beech forest!

Only during a few weeks every year, the leafs in the beech forests are bright, bright green in almost a lime colour before they turn in to a much darker colour coming closer to the summer. The leafs becomes like a roof high up in the crown of the trees and because nothing else but the trees will grow in the area it feels like you are trekking indoors even though you are outdoor. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your “to do list”!

This weekend really is a great start of the trekking season. Gathering on the Friday evening all participants are pitching tents, socializing and preparing for the following days. Since everyone is camping at the same place throughout the weekend, you can really bring some luxury items. This is the perfect time to bring a small chair so you can sit outside your tent, enjoying the sunset or maybe to bring a heavier but more comfortable sleeping mattress and a pillow. It is the perfect event if you want to introduce a friend to outdoor life but at the same time also good for the more experienced hikers to join one of many workshops, maybe improving the skills of outdoor photography.
There are many people coming back yearly to this event so in one way it is like a trekking kick off.

One of the lovely places perfect for a lunch

The trekking will take place in the forests connected to the camp site and it is always possible to take longer routes if you are a fast trekker or perhaps a shortcut if you are trekking with younger children.
On the last day the trekking path will pass “Bexells talande stenar”, the speaking stones of Bexell, cliffs and stones left with proverbs or short stories. It was in the 19th century that the estate owner Bexell let some stonemasons cut the stones into an amazing library in the middle of the forest.

When I’m out trekking, I love to bring good food and I’m happy to bring some extra weigh just to make sure I get what I want and what I like. An afternoon coffee with cake will for sure be part of my packing. Outmeals who are the organizers of this trek have a great range of food for all tastes and many types of allergies. This is a good chance to try some new flavours even though I have my personal favourites (Chicken Masaman soft can and the freeze-dried Chicken with rice and asparagus). For a weekend like this my choice is the soft cans heated with chemical heaters. The consistence of the food is perfect, big chunks of meat, fish or vegetables and the taste is really delicious. I often bring the soft cans when I’m travelling, so easy to prepare and the best part is the heating process, it can be made anywhere!

Whether you decide to spend your day with running shoes or with trekking boots the evenings are spent together at the camp site, enjoying good food and great company. I think that this social part of the event is one of the main reasons for people coming back yearly!

When: May 20-22 2016
Where: Swedish west coast, outside Varberg
How: More information and registration on Outmeals website

Nigh camp at Ästad Vingård

What abut the food

Wonder what kind of food to bring when you are out on outdoor adventures? Here are some useful advice from my friend Pelle, founder of OutMeals – the number one supplier of outdoor food.

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