Arcteryx W’s Acrux FL GTX

Arcteryx W’s Acrux FL GTX

The best places are the ones that are to be discovered. My feet will take me there if my shoes will let me.

I really like to try on new products and this time I would like to share some thoughts about the Arcteryx W’s Acrux FL GTX.

Heading out on a day trek

This shoe is said to be perfect for shorter distances or single day treks. It’s fairly light and works well in any type of terrain. This day the terrain shifted from grass and well used paths to quit steep hills and cliffs.

From the ground and high up in the sky

Although this is not a hiking boot with ankle support, I still feel steady on the feet and I suppose it is because of the narrow fit. I have read somewhere that this is a good shoe for wider feet, but on this point, I don’t really agree. It feels tight over the front of the foot when I first slip my feet into the shoes. When I get used to the feeling, it’s not at all a problem and they are really comfortable

Have to give them a go under the water

The Gore-Tex membrane has no problem keeping water from the outside staying that side, but what about water from the inside? I have a feeling that the narrow fit and the fact that you cannot adjust the fit over the foot, will make your socks wet on a warm day. I have not yet used the shoes in very warm weather so I’m not sure about this although it is a strong suspicion.

Trying on different ground material

Back to some more technicalities. As always with new brands under your feet, it takes a while to trust the soles on different types of ground material. The outer sole in this case is a little stiff and at the same time well damped which at first made it a little hard to “get a grip” on the situation when climbing and trekking on rocks, especially when raining. But after a few hours I have a great feeling and I can trust the grip.

Over all I think this is a good choice for shorter treks or other types of outdoor life not carrying too much weigh on your back. It is still a low-cut shoe and not a boot, even though it feels steady on the ground. Although I’m not sure this is the right way to go in the middle of the summer, this could really be something for a changing weather forecast! With other words, ideal for mountain areas.

The best places are the ones that are to be discovered. My feet will take me there if my shoes will let me.

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