• 5 ways to improve your outdoor photography skills

    5 ways to improve your outdoor photography skills

    Right at the most colourful season of the year, the spring, when the greens are shown in thousands of shades I had the luxury to attend an outdoor photo work shop with Fuji Film and Serkan Günes, a Swedish rewarded nature photographer. Equal [...]



    For me, enjoying outdoor life fully is all about feeling safe and confident in own actions and decisions. Today, I attended a first aid course with Friluftsfrämjandet and Lagerstedt Säkerhetsentreprenad to practice my L-ABCDE, something everyone should do, no matter if you spend [...]

  • Summit hunting in Denmark!

    Summit hunting in Denmark!

    This afternoon I wanted to explore the Danish nature on my own before heading out on Fjällräven Classic Denmark along with 600 participants and what better way than having a look at the surroundings from the highest point around? In a true Fjäldrottningen way [...]

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