• Summit hunting in Denmark!

    Summit hunting in Denmark!

    This afternoon I wanted to explore the Danish nature on my own before heading out on Fjällräven Classic Denmark along with 600 participants and what better way than having a look at the surroundings from the highest point around? In a true Fjäldrottningen way [...]

  • Kayaking and filming on lake Vättern

    Kayaking and filming on lake Vättern

    What a weekend! Thanks to a public holiday on Thursday, I had 4(!) days off work this week. This luxury I used to the limits and brought my canoe to lake Vättern in Sweden. As it happened, the weather was also absolutely splendid! Lake [...]

  • Celebrating the season!

    Celebrating the season!

    In Sweden the 30th of April is the day we celebrate that spring is on its way, so that is what I did only I did it my own way, in the forest making a fire and cooking a nice meal. I went to [...]

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