Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights

Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights

Great freedom of movement in more demanding terrain

So, what is so different about trekking in normal tights compared to trekking in a pair of dedicated trekking tights? what are the real differences? and most of all, why?

I have had a go in the brand new Fjällräven Trekking tights and here are my thoughts after about 300 h of use in 3 different countries!

If you have read my product tests before you might already have noticed that I am always curious to try out new things and this was no exception! I start my evaluation with bright positive eyes, but I also do like to examine the products, the purposed use, the duration and most of all the practicality!

Resting at the lake Trollsjön

Ok, so back to the tights!
Or maybe not quite yet..

I would like to start with what I normally value with a pair of trekking pants.

Regardless of material or shape, I like them to have a great fit so that I don’t need to adjust too much with a belt. Also, it’s important they don’t hang too loose and low so my steps get shorter causing my hips to get strained or my bottom to be seen every time a lean forward. They need to be a little stretchy so that I can move freely. I also want my pants to have some kind of reinforcement on knees and bum so that I can lean on my knees or sit down without the material to break. Yes, that might be a lot to ask for a single pair of pants, but if there is no match, I know my trekking time will not be as good as It could have been. So far, my choice of preference has been the Fjällräven Keb Trouser W with short legs since, well, I am short.

The tights work well when trekking in a higher pace

So now back to the tights!

Trying them on for the first time, I can immediately feel and see they fit right in to several of the requirements on my list!

Out trekking, this is also what I can confirm. Obviously, they are stretchy and follow my movements well but in the same time feeling more robust than thinner running thighs. They have a quite high waist and this is something that I feel is very well designed and here I can point out two good reasons. First of all, they stay up and are not dragging down when I lean forward, no plumber’s ass here!

And secondly, this makes the hip belt on the backpack actually go right over the material on the tights helping to prevent friction on the skin. When I have used normal running tights with a low-cut waist, the hip belt lies just over the waistline which is not all that comfortable.

The reinforcement on knees and bum, also makes them durable and very practical. I like that.

Night Camp at Lake Kelly, Fjällräven Classic USA

If have tried the tights is several different climates. When cold, using wool longs under and when really hot just folding them up my legs. Walking in mountain areas with shifting weather and rain always around the corner obviously it is also easy just to pull a pair of rain trousers over. The hardest part might actually be the warm weather. As I said, you can always fold them up a bit, but more than that is a little hard to ventilate without taking them all off. On the side of the thigh, there is a pocket for maps or other small equipment you want to keep handy. This I like just because I am a map kind of person, but. It also get even more hot and sweaty on a already warm day. I hard compromise!

A leg pocket for a map or other small items

Stretchy fabric with reinforcement over knees and rear

Over all, I really like the trekking tights and I will continue to wear them for hundreds of more hours. But I would also like to give you some more hints and advise if you are choosing between the tights and a normal type of trekking pant, like the keb trousers.

If you are looking for a pair of pants for trekking or perhaps mountain terrain running only this is the perfect choice, get them today! Available for both men and women. But if you are looking for something you can use both for trekking and for leisure wear at home or in the city, rather look for the Fjällräven Keb trousers. So as usual, first give yourself some moments to think out what use you are looking for and then you are good to make a better choice.

Good luck!

The stretch fabric makes its easy to roll up the legs to increase the ventilation

Honestly, it’s nice to do just nothing in them

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