Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

This past weekend I have been to Fjällräven Classic Denmark, trekking 76,1 km through the beautiful landscapes of southern Fyn.

This was my second year trekking the event so I more or less took my packing list from last year and only made some smaller adjustments. You can find my list here.

The night before the start I spent at the Falsled Strand Camping close to the Falsled Harbour were the start was taking place. What unexpected treat that was. Perfect weather and with a great sea view. Had dinner in the sunset with a light breeze from the sea. Simply a relaxing evening and night before heading out on the trail.

On Thursday morning it was time to start. I headed towards the start area at about 8 o’clock to register and collect some food for the day. I love that the food at this Danish event is ”all Denmark”. Danish rye bread, liver paté, baked fish eggs and mackerel in tomatoes. Everything you need for making your own outdoor Smörebröd.

It was really great to finally get going and use all your senses. To see all beautiful surroundings, smell the sea, hear the birds singing in the trees, feel the sand between your toes while taking a break by the water to cool down and off course taste the food.

Throughout the day I tried to take small breaks, about 5 min every hour to be able to rest my feet, drink some water and have a little snack. The heat was getting heavier every minute and by the evening a big thunder storm came in over the camp. Lightening and thunders were keeping us awake for a while. But after rain comes sun and by the time the storm went away it was only silence in the night camp.

During the second day I met some really nice people Mats and Ingmar from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. Their friendship has grown through trekking and you can really tell they have a blast together on the trail. We had many laughs together and they have so many great stories to tell from their “trekking archive”. What is also great to see is that even though they are so experienced when it comes to outdoor life and trekking, they still choose to attend a social event like Fjällräven Classic. When I ask about it, they also confirm it is the social factor they like.

Off course it is difficult to talk to every 600 participants, but all 600 people have their own stories and reasons being at the event and if you just are being friendly and curious I’m sure you will be amazed by the people around you. For sure I am.

The trek is divided in to 3 legs, about 25 km each and the night camps are in restricted areas. This is a perfect time to get to know the other trekkers. At the second camp, I met June and Matthew from Tokyo Japan and Rob from the US. They all first met in 2012 when they where trekking the PCT (the pacific coast trail). The two friends Matthew and Rob from the US met June from Japan after about one month of trekking, with another 5 months to go. By the time their adventure was over, June and Matthew carried on to the next and are now married living in Tokyo. Now they are trekking the Classic Denmark before heading to France for the Camino trail. On their side, they still have Rob. Friendship is clearly something strong among the people I meet.

This second night we all gathered by a big fire listening to live music. By the time a crawled in to my tent the raindrops were falling heavy on the flysheet.

Waking up on the third day, people were busy packing up at 6 o’clock already and when the trail opened at 8, the line of people with orange flags on their backpacks were long through the forest. This part of the trail goes through a big variation of landscape. Oak woods, birch woods, Christmas tree farms, typical Danish farms and through picturesque villages. But best of all has to be the finish line where you walk through an avenue of flags with people clapping hands as you cross the line and get your golden medal for completing the trek. This great feeling is lasting all night when people are gathering in the big tipis, celebrating the accomplishment! The fulfilment of your senses and the new friendship you make, is what brings people to an event like this. Hope to see you here next year!

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