Fjällräven Classic USA – Day 1

Fjällräven Classic USA – Day 1

Here I will show you some of my pictures from the Fjällräven Classic USA 2016.
This is the night before the start and we are getting into trekking mood by camping and making popcorn on the open fire!

Now we are all gathering in the starting area and are beeing handed all the supplies we will be needing during the trek. Not only will we need food, we also need something for the other side of the line… Now we are all set!

I’m ready to take off into the wilderness!

Now the views are opening up and this is simply why I love trekking!

From one moment to the next, the weather changed from bright sunshine to wind, rain and hail. People are still so happy and excited about all this! Every time the weather change like this, you can really feel the importance of your gear! Today, the whole experience would not have been a good one without my rain gear and rain cover on my packpack.

The forest reminds me of Sweden and the nature at home, but even so, all the plants and trees are just so much bigger here and for that same reason I feel so much smaller. I can understand the terkkers attending the Swedish Fjällräven Classic, when the express a kind of worry for not knowing the area and nature they are about to enter. In Sweden, I know how to calm them. Here I have to trust my own basic knowledge and to lear all I can from the local participants and guides.

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