Grandpa’s FireGrill – ToastAway

Grandpa’s FireGrill – ToastAway

The Grandpa’s Fire Grill, a tiny accessory for a big moment by the fire!

ToastAway – recipe further down.

The Grandpa’s fire grill from Light my fire is a light weight gridiron that is foldable to fit the signature meal kit box to bring out on any adventure. When you unfold the iron, there is this clever clip to attach a branch to use as an extension. The gridiron is opened and closed with a hook and you can easily fit your favourite double decker between the grids.

Even though this is so simple, two toasts with some fresh vegetables, herbs, mozzarella, chicken or whatever you prefer in between it feel so luxury and tasty compared to a hotdog on a stick

Preparations is a must in the outdoors 🙂

Whatever you put on the fire and intend to bring back home, you must have a plan for all the soot. As I mentioned, the iron fits perfectly in Light My Fires signature meal kit. On my way out, I used the meal kit for the fresh ingredients and on my way home I used it for the dirty iron.

All together I think this is the perfect complement to my ordinary stove when I go trekking during the summer season. The iron in itself only weighs about 100 gr and its easy to carry. It’s perfect both for a planned dinner with ingredients from the super market, but also perfect if you catch a fish.

Half way there, now time to hit the grill on the fire.

Along with the grill I also got some inspiration for a great toast recipe from Light My Fire. The original recipe for the ToastAwy you can find here at Light My Fires website. I chose to add some rocket salad to get some extra flavours and peppery taste. This is what I used for my Light My Fires ToastAway sandwich: Sliced bread, pre grilled chicken, mozzarella, bell peppers, pesto made out of basil, rocket salad, salt and pepper.


Easy to keep the hands away from the fire with a stick that is attached with a clip to the grill.

Big success!

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