How to take care of your leather boots

How to take care of your leather boots

Taking care of your equipment is important to make it last longer and to get out maximum performance. This is how I take care of my leather boots from Hanwag and I hope you will find it useful. I know there are many other ways as well, so send me a comment if you would like to share your way.

The left boot is after applying wax and the right one is before, you can really see the difference.

1. Remove the insoles and shoelaces.

2. Find a good brush and use it to remove dirt and sand from your boots. The brush I’m using for my boots is an old clothing brush that I have found for less than a euro on a second-hand market. The hair on the brush is natural and not to hard so I won’t damage the leather.

3. When the boots are clean from dirt and sand it’s time to apply the wax. I’m using a clear shoe wax from Hanwag which I find very good. I normally first apply a good thick layer using a micro fibre cloth. When the boot is completely covered, I go over them once more using my thumb to make sure the wax is really worked in to the leather and seams.

4. Put the shoelaces back on and place the insoles standing in the shaft of the boots. Now they are ready for your next adventure.

Basically what you need to make your boots lasts for many years.

So how often do I go over this procedure? Well I use leather boots without Gore-Tex and counting over a year, normally 5-10 times depending on what I do. But definitely before and after a longer trek or if I know the boots will be standing for some time without usage. One thing that really makes me happy, is when I fetch my boots for a trek after too many weeks in the city and they are already prepared for the adventure!

Hanwag wax for leather boots.

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