Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider

So, I continue my quest to find the perfect backpack for my upcoming adventure this summer.

This time it has come to an ultra light weight bag and I have chosen the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider  to see what it has to give.

First time trying out an ultra light weight backpack

The weight of the backpack is just over 1 kg which is a result of a clean and simple design as well as a light carrying system and light weight materials.
The bag is made out of a waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabric and has a roll top which can be closed either to itself or along the sides for a more compact appearance. On the outside of the bag, there are three big net pockets (9 liters in total) to store your rain gear or any other items for easy and quick access.

Roll top closed to the sides

Comfortable fit

The carrying system is only adjustable by the straps in the side, but to find a good fit depending on the length of your back, you can choose different sizes on the fixed carrying system. Unfortunately, the one I got hold on is a fit for a tall person and since I’m rather short it was not perfect for me. But even so, I find it comfortable. The hip belt and shoulder straps are soft and stay perfect on the body regardless on the amount you stuff in the bag.

Net pockets for quick access

So back to the most important question, is the light weight bag good for carrying a heavy load? Well, I’m not sure I will be able to answer that question in a general way. It all depends on your body and how you can handle the load on your back. What I find different compared to a more traditional carrying system is the flexibility. The weight is not carried down to the hip belt through a fixed frame, so yes, I say if you are comfortable with a more flexible feel, this is something for you!

Snack-pockets on the hip belt. I like!

I will continue to review more backpacks but at this stage this is only the second one this time around. At the end I will present chart to comparison them all, but now just a few words to compare the Hypelite 4400 Windrider to the Klättermusen Grip 60L that I reviewed last week.
They have more or less the same size and have the same roll top system for opening and closing.

The white fabric makes it easy to see whats inside, and the bag feels huge!

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider
Size: 70 litre
Weight: 1051 grams in small
Bag material: 150D Dyneema/Poly hybrid
Frame: Internal plastic frame sheet
Main compartment: No divider
Pockets: 3 mesh pockets (9,8 L, 2 hip belt pockets
Back length: Fixed

+ Ultra light weight
+ Waterproof
+ Simple and clean design
Δ Lack of airflow on the back

Comparison between HMG 4400 Windrider and Klättermusen Grip 60L

Size and weight
HMG 4400 Windrider – 70 litres and just over 1051 grams.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – 60 litres and just over 2150 grams.

Type of opening 
HMG 4400 Windrider – Roll top. You first close it with a velcro before you roll it and fix it with a buckle to itself or along the side. The velcro makes the closing perfect every time but it also makes me irritated when it scratch my hand and shirt. The roll top is 100 % regardless of amount packed in the bag.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Roll top closed by buckle to itself or along the side. There is a small pocket with a zipper that will end up on front or top of the bag when closed. I like the pocket for all small items I will have access to, but if you don’t fill the bag entirely, the fit of the pocket is not great.

Carrying system 
HMG 4400 Windrider – Soft and comfortable. The size of the carrying system is fixed, so you have to order the bag according to your size.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Wide comfortable shoulder pads and a fully adjustable carrying system made to carry a heavy load.

Back ventilation   
HMG 4400 Windrider – Minimal ventilation.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Allows some air to ventilate your back.

Rain cover  
HMG 4400 Windrider – This bag is water proof and has taped seams so no rain cover is needed.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – No rain cover should be needed, but the feel of the material makes me want to bring a rain cover on a longer trek just to be sure.

The look and feel  
HMG 4400 Windrider – Simple design and no unnecessary items on the bag. This is the bag if you count your grams but still want something to carry heavy and will last on your longer treks.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – The look is durable and I like the design.

Wide opening

Easy to compress the bag to a tight design. Also possible to attach a mattress.

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