Klättermusen Grip Backpack 60L

Klättermusen Grip Backpack 60L

The Klättermusen Grip 60 L is a single pocket backpack with a roll top. Even though it’s only one main compartment, it still has two elastic pockets on the outside and a smaller pocket on the top to store the gadgets you need quick access to along the way.

The opening is quite wide making it easy to pack. The inside of the fabric is white helping the user to find what’s inside the bag. Looking at the shape of the pack, its is also a bit narrower at the bottom resulting in a bigger volume at the top making it easy to pack in a good ergonomic way.

Elastic pockets on the outside, perfect for water bottle and trekking poles.

The shoulder pads are wider than standard I would say, but even if I’m quite small, I love it. The fit is just great for me. I don’t know what it is, but it just seams like its impossible to get a perfect hip belt. This one definitely is close to hip belt Nirvana. Two things stand out. First of all, the belt can be adjusted even if you have a thin waist, this often is a problem for me. Secondly, the belt is adjusted by 2 straps on each side making the hip belt follow the shape of your actual hip.

The adjustable straps to the hip belt makes a perfect fit. This is a unisex backpack and is really working well for both men and women.

The buckle is not the ordinary type, but works very well. Hopefully this will be more kind to my shirts.

One thing I might have to learn to compromise on though, is the fact that there are no pockets on the belt. Simply have to find someplace else for my snacks.

The over all feel of the backpack is good. It has a proper carrying system making it a good choice for a day hike as well as a week of trekking.

Klättermusen Grip 60L
Size: 60 litre
Weight: 2150 grams
Bag material: 100% recycled polyamide
Frame: Aluminium profile
Main compartment: No divider
Pockets: 2 mesh, 1 top pocket
Back length: Adjustable
PFOA and fluorocarbon-free product

+ Easy to adjust the hip belt for perfect fit.
+ Comfortable carrying system
+ Webbings for attaching extra equipment
Δ No snack pocket on the hip belt

Wide opening.

White on the inside to make it easier to see what’s in the bag.

Small pocket on the top to keep your essentials for the trek. Here I have my first aid.

Wide shoulder straps make it comfortable.

Good ergonomic fit so I can carry a heavy load for several days.

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