Klättermusen Tor Backpack 60L

Klättermusen Tor Backpack 60L

Tor 60L is for those who do not settle for anything less than high-class comfort, mobility and ventilation. The backpack is designed for heavy packing and is an excellent choice when going on a multi-day trip to the mountain”. This is what the add says but carry on reading to find out if I agree!

This is the third backpack review on my way to find the perfect one to bring on my next adventure.

Heading out to try the third backpack

Klättermusen Tor 60L has an adjustable carrying system making it suitable for both men and women. The shoulder straps are quite wide and are shaped to even out the weight on the right place. Even if I adjust the carrying system to the smallest, the shoulder straps still work very well for me and I find them very comfortable. The weight is about 2,5 kg which is more than double of the Hypelite Windrider I wrote about last week. So, is it worth it? Personally, I would say that there is some kind of breakeven point for me just around 60 litres. 60 litres or more I use for longer treks, like a week or longer, then I really appreciate a full carrying system and for that I don’t chase grams. Going on a weekend trek the total weight of the equipment is much less, mainly because I don’t have to carry so much food, then I can have a simpler carrying system and probably I can also decrease the size of bag. So 60 litres or bigger, yes it is worth the extra weight!

Comfortable carrying system

The main compartment can be reached either from the top or by a zipper on front, making it easy to access your bag. What I like about the zipper is first of all that it is steady and can be opened both from the top and bottom. There are so many backpack with front zipper that can only be opened from the top resulting in that you still have to open the top lid to reach the grip. The grips also have a strap on to be able to manoeuvre with gloves on. For me that is a small detail that is an absolute must when out trekking in the mountains.

Zipper on front of the pack

The opening on the top is closed in two steps, first by rolling the material and buckling it and then covered by a lid with a pocket. The lid pocket can be opened almost all way around making it easy to open. This is something I like and appreciate when I quickly want to find some of the smaller items I usually place there.
Something I don’t like with the lid, is the fact that it is hard to tighten if you don’t fill all 60 l. But when I spoke to the customer service, they were happy to send some extra buckles for me to be able to make a better adjustment. That I call good service!

Big lid pocket

The hip belt is super! It’s adjustable in 4 points instead of the normal 2, allowing it to follow the shape of the body in a better way. It can also be adjusted for a skinny person as well someone with more meat on the bones. Something I miss, is that there are no pockets on the hip belt. I like to use the small pockets for snacks and a foldable cup. This means I have to take the backpack off every time I need my bag of nuts or some water from the stream I pass.

60 litres is more than enough for a week-end trek

There are some features I like about this bag that would make me choose it in front of others. The design is one thing, but mainly because I find it comfortable and it is easy to adjust according to your body type. But a simple thing as the non-existing pocket on the hip belt do make me hesitate just because it will change the way I preferer to walk. When I load the bag to the very top, it tends to be quite high which feels a little strange to the balance. The ergonomic is right in the way that the weight is high up in the pack, but once again, maybe a little too high for the shorter person like myself.

Over all a good backpack

Easy to fix a mattress with straps on the outside

Klättermusen Tor Backpack 60L

Size: 60 litre
Weight: 2450 grams
Bag material: 100% recycled polyamide
Frame: Aluminium profile
Main compartment: Entrance from top or front, no divider
Pockets: 1 mesh on side, 4 liter top lid
Back length: Adjustable
PFOA and fluorocarbon-free product

+ Comfortable to carry a heavy load
+ Good elastic pockets on the side to put your water bottle
+ Zipper on front can be opened from top or bottom
Δ No snack pocket on the hip belt. Why?

Comparison between Klättermusen Tor 60L, 

HMG 4400 Windrider and Klättermusen Grip 60L

Size and weight
Klättermusen Tor – 60 litres, 2450 grams.
HMG 4400 Windrider – 70 litres, 1051 grams.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – 60 litres, 2150 grams.

Type of opening 
Klättermusen Tor 60 – A combined roll top with a separate lid to go over. The lid has a big pocket with a zipper that goes almost all around. The lid or top packet can be used as a day pack. The main compartment can also be reached from a front zipper.
HMG 4400 Windrider – Roll top. You first close it with a velcro before you roll it and fix it with a buckle to itself or along the side. The velcro makes the closing perfect every time but it also makes me irritated when it scratch my hand and shirt. The roll top is 100 % regardless of amount packed in the bag.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Roll top closed by buckle to itself or along the side. There is a small pocket with a zipper that will end up on front or top of the bag when closed. I like the pocket for all small items I will have access to, but if you don’t fill the bag entirely, the fit of the pocket is not great.

Carrying system 
Klättermusen Tor 60 – Easy to adjust the carrying system.Sometimes backpacks that are adjusted to fit shorter people tend to hit me in the back of my head since the frame end up so high. But with the Tor I find no problems at all.
HMG 4400 Windrider – Soft and comfortable. The size of the carrying system is fixed, so you have to order the bag according to your size.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Wide comfortable shoulder pads and a fully adjustable carrying system made to carry a heavy load.

Hip belt  
Klättermusen Tor 60 – Super! The 4 fixed points make it very comfortable. There are some rings on the belt to fix your dog leach. Only negative is that there are no pockets on the bealt.
HMG 4400 Windrider – Soft and comfortable. I like the small ”snack-pockets” on the belt. For me the belt is a bit weak when I load the bag fully.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Comfortable and big plus that the belt can fit a smaller person as well as bigger. Also great with the double straps on the belt to adjust according to your body curves.

Back ventilation   
Klättermusen Tor 60 – Allows some air to ventilate your back, but there are fixed pads on the lower and higher back.
HMG 4400 Windrider – Minimal ventilation.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – Allows some air to ventilate your back.

Rain cover
Klättermusen Tor 60 – The bottom of the back has a reinforcement, so you can put it down on any surface. A rain cover would have to be included on a longer trek.
HMG 4400 Windrider – This bag is water proof and has taped seams so no rain cover is needed.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – No rain cover should be needed, but the feel of the material makes me want to bring a rain cover on a longer trek just to be sure.

The look and feel  
Klättermusen Tor 60L – I like the look. If you have items to fix outside the pack it is easily done by the straps that are included.
HMG 4400 Windrider – Simple design and no unnecessary items on the bag. This is the bag if you count your grams but still want something to carry heavy and will last on your longer treks.
Klättermusen Grip 60 – The look is durable and I like the design.

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