For me, enjoying outdoor life fully is all about feeling safe and confident in own actions and decisions.
Today, I attended a first aid course with Friluftsfrämjandet and Lagerstedt Säkerhetsentreprenad to practice my L-ABCDE, something everyone should do, no matter if you spend time in the exposed mountains or in the city. I preferer the first way of spending a good weekend and being able to take care of myself and others in an emergency situation is important.

Straight into actions

I think this was maybe the 7th time I redo this type of education and I will keep on repeating it regularly so that I will also keep my knowledge fresh.

Good to practice with friends

It was a great over all education, that can be used in any situation but also with an outdoor point of view, that is so important when you spend a lot of time beyond any cell phone perception.

Our instructor teaching us how to treat open wounds

And now time to practice what we have learnt

The L-ABCDE is short for;
Circulation & bleeding
Exposure & environment
and today we basically practiced how to act during an emergency based on these rules.

Dan-Marcus and Andreas practicing CPR

I mentioned before, the knowledge you gain during training like this, has to be renewed regularly and I really feel that way, especially since the medical recommendations change over time. Today, I also learnt something totally new and that is how to stop bleeding from the neck.

Here Lars is getting a bandage round his neck and arm to put pressure on the bleeding neck without choking him.

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