Leading the way

Leading the way


Had the opportunity to meet Tseren Enebish from Mongolia on her way passing by Stockholm after her participation in the adventure of Fjällräven Polar in the north of Sweden.


Before the spring, Tseren was an unknown name for me, but by know I have just met un incredible role model when it comes to having the right mind set and achieving goals.

This tiny woman, strong as a lion has built her own business, customizing tours in the Mongolian wilderness and more than that, she is a wiz handling social medias. Competing for a place in Fjällräven Polar, you make your own video, promote it on Facebook and the applicants with the most votes are guaranteed a place in the Polar adventure, going with dog sledge from Signaldalen in Norway and 300 km later end up in Jukkasjärvi Sweden! Tseren had the most votes in the history of Fjällräven Polar with about 50.000 votes. Since I work hard to promote my own adventure Fjälldrottningen, off course I’m curious about her strategies of promoting herself, so I had to ask her.


Tseren told me there are no secrets! No secrets? No. Just capture the reader and keep them! Ok Tseren, so how do I keep the readers? Just feed them! Just feed them? No, these them and then feed them! You should always try to send the same massage in 5 to 6 different ways to make sure you feed all your followers, but first of all you need to be certain of your goal. You have to believe in your idea or adventure. ”When I applied for Fjällräven Polar, I had already decided that I would be the winner”. This lion has really convinced me, the brain is stronger than the actions. What you decide is what you get! Luckily I have already decided, I am Fjälldrottningen (The Mountain Queen)!


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