Mobile Sauna – Mobiba RB 170

Mobile Sauna – Mobiba RB 170

How mobile can a mobile sauna be?

That was the question I had on my mind when I was out looking for that perfect spot to pitch the sauna.

Everything for the Mobiba RB 170 sauna is packed up in a carry-on backpack weighing in at only 11 kg making it easy to bring with you anywhere. My perfect place was right by the lake looking out over the sunset.

The sauna is easy to mount and I would say pretty self-instructive. It took me about 30 min (without instructions) to be up and running and then a little longer to get the perfect heat.

The idea with the sauna is genius, you can bring it anywhere and once you have learnt how to manoeuvre the heating you can get a real good sauna feeling!

The heating is generated from burning wood that heats up a water tank. From the tank you can then use the warm water to wash yourself but also to generate warm moist into the sauna.

I like the type of sauna with lower temperature and high humidity and that I could easily create in my sauna castle.

The sauna-backpack can be brought anywhere, on shorter treks, in your canoe or boat. But if you are going for a longer trek, I would recommend to pack it in a frame backpack for better ergonomic.

Finally, make sure to bring a lot of wood when you enter the sauna because once you are in, you will find no reasons to stop!

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