My 5 best trekking hacks

My 5 best trekking hacks

My 5 best easy trekking hacks that a often use:

1. Use a towel made of 100 % linen. It beats any light weight synthetic trekking towel by far. Absorb water super easy, no smell and it dries up in no time. I use the hand towel from Swedish Himla which is perfect for any multi-day trek.

2. For a multi-day trek, bring a soft water bucket for the camp. Making camp right by the water front or stream will not only get cold and damp at night. It’s also quite likely you will find it difficult to sleep from the noise. So, making camp a little away from the water and bring up all water you need for the overnight stay in a soft foldable bucket is perfect!

3. I always bring a simple yoga mat. I use a training mat from Dacathlon for about 2 euros. Its perfect to bring out for the breaks or to use as extra protection under your sleeping mat in the tent.

4. Re-use your old wool underlayer for other purposes. Old wool underlayers that are finished, I use as clothes to wax my boots instead of throwing away. Perfect!

5. If you are only out for one day in the summer season, bring ice-cream in a food thermos.

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