OutMeals Vårvandring Day 1 – 19,46 km

OutMeals Vårvandring Day 1 – 19,46 km

I woke up at 6.40 am, to the sound of a screaming donkey and I suspect I was not the only one. Full of excitement, I got out of my sleeping bag after this ”all natural” alarm clock and had a look around.

Now I could hear the sound of a billion singing birds. Lovely!

After a calm morning and off course a cup of coffee, I finally headed out on the trek along with the other participants. Today I was walking in company with a Norwegian family with no less than 5 children and a dog. It’s great to see how exploring the kids are, so many things to investigate and see! I’m also quite impressed by Mona and Eirik, the parents. Everything from the logistics to just keeping them all in peace with one another. But nothing of this seamed to be a problem. I’m more than ever convinced that nature has a positive effect on all of us!.

Half way we stopped for lunch, Eirik brought up a bunch of OutMeals Softcans just shouting out the flavours and handing them out to each and one of the kids and everyone choosing their favourite. This line seamed to be a good one to line up in!

Today I had a pasta bolognese for lunch and it was delicious! I really enjoy the OutMeals Soft Cans. If you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you bring a Soft Can with you next time you head out in the wilderness. The weather has been ok, no rain, but not so warm either so a warm meal was just what I needed.

When we passed the place where Bockstensmannen (a 14th century man, probably killed as a result of his actions) was found in the 1930s, Pelle Höckerbo from Outmeals welcomed us and gave a historical tour in the area. The clothing the body was wearing when found was still intact and is now Europe’s only conserved clothing from its time.

Now I’m back at the night camp sitting in the tent again listening to what is happening outside, only now it is just the sound of the rain hitting the fly sheets.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow.

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