Outmeals Vårvandring Day 2

Outmeals Vårvandring Day 2

Today I woke up exactly the same way as I ended yesterday, to the sound of the rain pouring down, a good excuse for staying in the sleeping bag a little longer.
This day was all about magical moments so waiting out the rain and saving the best bits a little longer and just enjoying the atmosphere was not a bad choice. And since I brought a really large tent it was actually cozy just to sit in the tent and do nothing.

The first highlight of the day was the Hiaklitten viewpoint. It is a spectacular view but my favourite part is actually all the oaks growing on this mountain. They are perfect climbing trees!
The second highlight is the stones with written messages. The ”Bexells stenar”. Everywhere there are thoughtful words and sentences to be found on the stones in the forest. This is also a perfect lunch spot.

The last highlight of the day is the stop by the Österöö sheep farm. What a place! The weather was perfect, the lambs super cute and the outdoor café simply fantastic! Many participants stayed here for some time just enjoying the surrounding before heading back home. The ending could not have been better and this is the reason why myself and so many others are coming back to this incredible event and beautiful nature every year!
I hope to see you here next time!

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