Riihimäki Wilderness fair – Sunday and exploring day

Riihimäki Wilderness fair – Sunday and exploring day

Today I had my second and last day at the Riihimäki Wilderness fair and I have truly enjoyed both visiting the fair and also giving presentations about the adventure Fjälldrottningen.
Since we don’t have this kind of outdoor fair in Sweden, or at least not at this size, I took my chance to meet some of the exhibitors that really caught my interest while walking around yesterday. Some of them have products that I have never seen before and some have products that I have been wanting to try out for a while. Here I’m sharing a few of them.

The flying tent. I know this is not what it is called, but for me, that is what it is – a flying tent. I first saw them on Facebook only a few days ago and a lot of my friend tagged me to that picture telling me this was something for me. Funny enough, the flying tents showed up at the fair and I just couldn’t stay away from them. I wanted to find out if my friends know me that well! The Tentsiles (or flying tent) are tied between 2 or 3 trees depending on size and the real advantage is that you don’t need the ground to be flat. The idea of the tent came from a former tree house constructor who had the problems with the wooden material changing in shape and size over time. He wanted an easy construction with the same free feeling you get high up in the trees, but at the same time a construction that could be moved easily. So this was it and I agree, the feeling in the air is absolutely awesome. The only down side is the need for trees.

The Kupilka cups. I love coffee and specially to have it outside in the wilderness. But look closely at this! This cup is 100 % mine and isn’t it beautiful?! I met up with the founder since I wanted to find out more about the material and this is what I found out. All Kupilka products are made out of waste products from the wood industry and consist of about 50 % wood fibre and 50 % composite, creating a semi organic material that will need no specific care. You can use it for years and years and for what I understand the products are not sensitive to absorb “smells”. Now I just have to try out if it is really working!

Woodcraft from KOLO design. Guess what I’m going to do first thing when I get back home? It will be to build myself a bird house out of this wooden puzzle from KOLO design. They have all sorts of cool clean design, everything like 3D puzzles. All products are off course recyclable.

Hammock. I know this is not something new, but since I am now widening my perspectives with flying tents I might as well widen my mind enough to get space for a flying mat. I have always believed that the hammocks would make your body look like a banana and that you will wake up with a hurting back. Today I got some help to sort out what is what in the hammock jungle. It gave me some new perspective and I think I’m ready to take off. Let me know, have you tried? And what do you think about it?

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