Skarverennet 2017

Skarverennet 2017

I have made my way to Finse in Norway and am about to start Skarverennet 2017. This is going to be somewhat of a season finally on the skis and also something I have been looking forward to so much.

Making my final preparations before the race

Not alone at the start and not alone leaving my bag at the station before heading out

From Finse we are about to head out on a 37 km race across the mountains and to start with, a 5 km climb!

It only took me a few minutes to realise skating skis maybe would have been a better choice than my classic skis since there were no tracks race in. But at the same time, isn’t it always like that? You think the other choice would have been the better. And considering I actually don’t really know have to skate, the classic ski might just have been the wiser choice anyway.

Reaching the top of the first climb Marit Björgen and Krista Pärmäkoski passed me like a train on fire

This race is really for anyone. On one side you have the world cup athletes and on the other, friends getting together for a relaxed weekend in the mountains. As for my part, I’m probably something in between. A race, but the only race I have done with a thermos and cinnamon rolls in a backpack. The backpack is mainly for safety reasons since we are racing in high mountains, but also perfect to bring some treats along the way.

Always a good time for a fika paus

Some people bringing a backpack and some… just a little more

Anything that goes up also must come down, as also for the hills. I enjoy climbing the hills on my skis, but maybe not so much going downwards. If I’m ever going to Norway skiing in the mountains again with my classic skis, down the hills is just something I have to practice.

The security at place at the foot of the hill waiting for some action

One of the best part of this race, is the views over the mountains. It’s such a beautiful place and I wish it could last for a little bit longer

White all around and I love it

The race is very much about the social factor and every 10 km or so there is a checkpoint serving, water and happy atmosphere

With only a few km left to the finish line this turned out to be just the right place

As I said, a perfect race for anyone

Finally at the finish line and the feeling is great and I’m happy I survived the hills determined to come back another year!

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